Care Services

The hospice interdisciplinary care team is a group of trained healthcare professionals who specialize in ensuring that a hospice patient receives comfort, compassion, and dignity in their last few months, weeks or days of life. The care team includes: a hospice physician, nurse, hospice care aide, social worker, chaplain, volunteer and bereavement specialist.

The hospice care team makes sure patients are comfortable, free from pain, and maintain the highest quality of life. Our staff visits the patient in the location the patient calls, home. A joint care approach is developed for each patient to meet the needs of the individual while providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support to the patient and their loved ones. The care team will not only treat the patient, but teaches the caregiver how to provide the best personal care to the patient.

For after hours support, Twilight Hospice provides 24-hour nursing care – simply a phone call away. Our on-call nurse provides support, triage, answers questions and will visit the patient at bedside, if needed.